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Doctor Who Season 8 review

Just adding my thoughts on this season, wondering if we say buh-bye to Clara after Xmas http://2via.me/iy3u5NH111 Tweet This Post


  • (1) The success of Tyler Perry's latest film and the upcoming film Jump the Broom (2) Has BET really improved over the last couple of years? (3) Are you optimistic about Comcast creating a group of new channels for minorities and Cathy Hughes possibly purchasing Direct TV? Also we'll have correspondent John Rogers talking about his friendship with recently deceased violinist Billy Bang and special guest Nathan Haddox talking about the difficulties of promoting and presenting reggae shows in Nashville. Join Mark Mays, William Jenkins, Mike Harris and Ron Wynn for Freestyle from 6-7 pm CST on WFSK, 88.1FM, also wfsk.org and iTunes college radio (88.1FM)